Warrior Hip-Hop Tour Comes to Modesto/RHHR’s 5th Year: MAY 15TH!

THURSDAY, MAY 15TH 6PM at the Valley Improvement Projects Community Center for Social and Environmental Justice 400 12th St. #14 Modesto, CA

The Revolutionary Hip-Hop Report

Revolutionary Indigenous/Xican@ Hip-Hop artists Zro-Prophet (of X-Vandals, New York), Savage Family (Washington), Shining Soul (Arizona), Alas (SoCal), and local opener Tre Lif (Modesto/Santa Cruz) will be performing at the Valley Improvement Projects Community Center for Social and Environmental Justice as part of their West Coast Tour! Join us on THURSDAY, MAY 15TH 6PM at 400 12th Street Suite #14 Modesto, CA. We will also be helping The Revolutionary Hip-Hop Report ( http://RHHR.ORG/) celebrate its 5th Year in Existence!The purpose of this tour is to begin to build a culture of resistance through hip hop and art, and to inspire and educate others through hip hop.
Afro-Taino/Borikwa by way of the Bronx and occupied Puerto Rico, MC and agitator, Zro-Prophet, of X-Vandals (X-Vandals.com) and the AGIT Army (Agitarmy.org). Zro-Prophet is on a West Coast speaking/reading/performing tour supporting the release of his new book of poetry, Last of the Po Ricans y…

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