Air Quality Victory in Fresno!

Congratulations to our Fresno allies!!



**CCEJN Unity Council member Sarah Sharpe addresses the media during a press conference on May 30th**

June 2, 2014

On Friday, May 30th, many clean air advocates held a press conference to inform the public about a key judicial decision in favor of clean air. Fresno’s Fifth District Court of Appeal ruled in favor of the Sierra Club, the League of Women Voters of Fresno, and Revive the San Joaquin in the matter of Friant Ranch (Sierra Club et al. v. County of Fresno).

This decision invalidates the Fresno County Board of Supervisor’s approval of the Friant Ranch development in the north outskirts of Fresno.  The court ruled that the Environmental Impact Report of the project was invalid as it failed to provide adequate analysis of air quality impacts from this new development.

This decision is terribly important as it sets precedence for overturning decisions in the county that rely on flawed EIR’s and…

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