Valley Improvement Projects

Working with the Community to Improve the Community

Media Links

Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), VIP’s Page:


Modesto Peace/Life Center Publication “Stanislaus Connections” Article on VIP’s Award Dinner, March 2018:


VIP Helps with “Toys for Tots” in Riverbank, December 2017:


VIP Advocates for Carpet Recycling (Not Incineration) in Stanislaus County, October 2017:


VIP and CEJC Members Speak to CalEPA about Civil Rights & Cumulative Impacts (VIP at 58:05), August 2017:


VIP and GAIA’s Op-Ed on Carpet Recycling in Stanislaus, July 2017:


VIP Marches with CEJC and Allies at US-EPA in San Francisco, April 2017:


VIP Presents at the People’s Forum on Police Brutality at the Modesto Church of the Brethren, September 2016:


VIP Protests Lenient Sentence for Criminal Stanislaus Sheriff, June 2016:



VIP Presents on Waste Diversion at Stanislaus Board of Supervisors (VIP at 20:22), October 2015:


VIP Presents on Waste Diversion at Modesto City Council (VIP at 12:50), October 2015:


VIP Advocates for Recycling in Modesto on KCRA-3 News, October 2015:


Center on Climate Change and Health’s Story on VIP, June 2015:


Modesto Peace/Life Center Publication “Stanislaus Connections” Article on VIP, April 2015:


Community Food & Justice Coalition Story on VIP, March 2015:


VIP Participates in March for Real Climate Justice in Oakland, February 2015:


Modesto Bee’s Q&A with VIP, June 2014:


VIP is a Member of the Central Valley Air Quality Coalition (CVAQ), February 2014:


VIP Members Volunteer at the Modesto Syringe Exchange, January 2014:


Revolutionary Hip-Hop Report Story on VIP, September 2013:


VIP Marches with Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, May 2013:


VIP Speaks at Earth Day Action in San Francisco, April 2013:


VIP Members Participated in the Modesto Solidarity Network for Tenant’s Rights, June 2011:


VIP Members Protested the Covanta Trash Incinerator at Modesto Earth Day, April 2009:


VIP Members Participated in Modesto CopWatch, March 2008:


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