Valley Improvement Projects

Advocating for Social and Environmental Justice in Stanislaus County and the Central Valley

Media Links

V.I.P. has been featured in several news stories, interviews, and on the websites of other organizations:

Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), VIP’s Page:

VIP is interviewed by Catholic Charities Environmental Justice Program about our #BringBacktheBlueBin Campaign, May 2019:

VIP participates in a round-table discussion on climate change and sustainable agricultural practices with presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke at Modesto Junior College, April 2019:


VIP presents at a “Know Your Rights” workshop organized by MEChA de Modesto Junior College, February 2019:

VIP interviewed by Catholic Charities Environmental Justice Program, December 2018:

VIP quoted in California Health Report article on carpet incineration, December 2018:

Modesto Peace/Life Center Publication “Stanislaus Connections” Article on VIP’s Award Dinner, March 2018:

VIP Helps with “Toys for Tots” in Riverbank, December 2017:

VIP Advocates for Carpet Recycling (Not Incineration) in Stanislaus County, October 2017:

VIP and CEJC Members Speak to CalEPA about Civil Rights & Cumulative Impacts (VIP at 58:05), August 2017:

VIP and GAIA’s Op-Ed on Carpet Recycling in Stanislaus, July 2017:

VIP Marches with CEJC and Allies at US-EPA in San Francisco, April 2017:

VIP Presents at the People’s Forum on Police Brutality at the Modesto Church of the Brethren, September 2016:

VIP Protests Lenient Sentence for Criminal Stanislaus Sheriff, June 2016:



VIP Presents on Waste Diversion at Stanislaus Board of Supervisors (VIP at 20:22), October 2015:

VIP Presents on Waste Diversion at Modesto City Council (VIP at 12:50), October 2015:

VIP Advocates for Recycling in Modesto on KCRA-3 News, October 2015:


Center on Climate Change and Health’s Story on VIP, June 2015:

Modesto Peace/Life Center Publication “Stanislaus Connections” Article on VIP, April 2015:

Community Food & Justice Coalition Story on VIP, March 2015:

VIP Participates in March for Real Climate Justice in Oakland, February 2015:

Modesto Bee’s Q&A with VIP, June 2014:


VIP is a Member of the Central Valley Air Quality Coalition (CVAQ), February 2014:

VIP Members Volunteer at the Modesto Syringe Exchange, January 2014:

Revolutionary Hip-Hop Report Story on VIP, September 2013:

VIP Marches with Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, May 2013:

VIP Speaks at Earth Day Action in San Francisco, April 2013:

VIP Members Participated in the Modesto Solidarity Network for Tenant’s Rights, June 2011:

VIP Members Protested the Covanta Trash Incinerator at Modesto Earth Day, April 2009:

VIP Members Participated in Modesto CopWatch, March 2008:

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