10th Annual CVAQ Lobby Day

Members of Valley Improvement Projects were pleased to participate in the 10th Annual Central Valley Air Quality (CVAQ) Coalition Lobby Day at the California State Capitol in Sacramento!



–August 27, 2013

Central Valley Air Quality Coalition celebrated their tenth annual lobby day by traveling to the state Capitol building on Monday. CVAQ’s annual lobby day focuses on bringing attention, empowering residents, and lobbying for better air quality in the San Joaquin Valley. This year the coalition focused on mobilizing residents and community leaders from across the valley and allies from all over the state.

Together, the members of various organizations arrived at the Capitol early on Monday morning looking to embark in a long day session of legislative visits. During the visits these members explained to members of the legislature about many of the air quality concerns that are very present in the San Joaquin Valley and continue to harm our communities. Pushing for a legislative packet that CVAQ deems would make considerable improvements to the valley air quality, those members began meeting with representatives and staffers.


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One thought on “10th Annual CVAQ Lobby Day

  1. We need to hit this system ftom all angles, from where they work, live, and play to our communities and streets. Great work!

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