V.I.P. Community Center for Social & Environmental Justice

The Valley Improvement Projects Community Center for Social and Environmental Justice was a social space located in downtown Modesto from July of 2013 until it officially closed in September of 2014.

In 2012 a group of Modesto community organizers came together under the name Valley Improvement Projects, or V.I.P., with the mission of improving the quality of life of underrepresented and marginalized residents of California’s Central Valley by promoting social and environmental issues through youth outreach, education, technology, and art.

V.I.P. opened the Community Center for Social & Environmental Justice in July 2013 in downtown Modesto to give people a place to meet, learn, and take united actions against the power structures that keep most of the wealth, resources, and opportunities in the hands of only a few at the top.

Resources at V.I.P. included:

  • Educational workshops and tutoring
  • Computer and internet/Wi-Fi access
  • Library and lounge area
  • Bike repair and maintenance work area
  • Donated clothes, food, and other items for those in need
  • Arts, crafts, and other kid activities
  • Screen printing t-shirts and posters
  • Mental health and substance abuse “harm reduction” meetings
  • Musical and theatrical events
  • Projector and screen for movie nights
  • Audio/radio production
  • Information about other local community resources

The Valley Improvement Projects Community Center for Social and Environmental Justice was located at 400 12th Street Suite #14 Modesto, California and was open Monday – Friday from 4pm – 8pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 12pm – 8pm.

Our address is now: P.O. Box 4214 Modesto, CA 95352.

V.I.P. hopes to one day open a new community center and encourages anybody who would like to work with us to make that happen to contact us!

Pics of VIP’s former Community Center:












pix of mtg







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