On The Toxic Trail Demonstration at Cal/EPA


100 community members and environmental justice activists from across the state united and protested in front of the Department of Toxic Substances Control/Cal EPA yesterday to demand DTSC protect people and not polluters.

Chanting “We are all Kettleman City/Todos Somos Kettleman City” and “Justicia Ahora/Justice Now,” community members spoke out in front of a bed decorated with pictures of Governor Brown, DTSC Director Raphael, a caricature of a toxic polluter holding bags of money, and logos of giant polluters that get friendly treatment by DTSC. – and demanded that our government officials get out of bed with polluters.

We also successfully demanded that top officials of Cal EPA and DTSC come outside onto the plaza and meet openly with the protest participants, and community members then blasted the state officials, demanded action to protect communities, and held the officials accountable. In a startling admission, DTSC Deputy Director Brian Johnson admitted…

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One thought on “On The Toxic Trail Demonstration at Cal/EPA

  1. What is more valuable, money and power or health and equality? I guess it matters if you’re a corporate fascist or a decent human being.

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