Valley Improvement Projects (VIP)

Advocating for Social and Environmental Justice in Stanislaus County and the Central Valley

Your Donation Can Help V.I.P. Stay Open!

We are currently awaiting future grant funding and may NEED TO COVER ONE MONTH OF RENT on our own and hopefully with HELP FROM YOU!!
OUR GOAL IS TO RAISE $900 BY JULY 1ST so that we can KEEP V.I.P. OPEN until we receive expected grant funding in July.
Please contact us at (209) 589-9277, stop by our Community Center at 400 12th St. Modesto (hours: M-F 4-8p, S&S 12-8p) or donate online:

Donate Now!

If you would like to donate, please click on the link below and put “Valley Improvement Projects” in the box titled “Project Name” Thank You!

Other Ways to Donate:

Stop by  for a visit and give it to us personally. Visit us at the Valley Improvement Projects Community Center for Social and Environmental Justice at 400 12th St. Suite 14 Modesto, CA 95354, hang-out, talk to a volunteer, check out the space, and drop-off a donation directly.

Go to the donation page of our fiscal sponsor, Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (S.E.E.) at: and make sure you put “Valley Improvement Projects” in the box titled “Project Name” or visit: under “Program” choose “Other” and enter “Valley Improvement Projects” in the space for the program name.

Write us a check or money order. Make checks out to Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs, put Valley Improvement Projects in the Memo line, and mail it to: Valley Improvement Projects 400 12th St. Suite 14 Modesto, CA 95354 or: Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs 23532 Calabasas Rd. Suite A Calabasas, CA 91302

Give us a call. An easy first step would be to pick up your phone and dial (209) 589-9277. One of our volunteers will help figure out the best way for you to donate on a one-time or monthly basis.

Send us an e-mail, Facebook message, or comment on our website. Our e-mail address is, or visit and and contact us somehow. We will get back to you with all the information you need to accommodate you specific donation.

You can choose to give a one time donation or sign up for a reoccurring monthly or yearly donation, sign-up to receive information on upcoming events and projects. PLUS, IF YOU MAKE A ONE-TIME DONATION OF $50 OR MORE, OR SIGN UP TO DONATE $20 OR MORE EVERY MONTH, YOU WILL RECIEVE A V.I.P. T-SHIRT MADE BY HAND AND SILK-SCREEN AT OUR COMMUNITY CENTER!!!


From our Donation Letter:

Valley Improvement Projects: A project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE)

            Valley Improvement Projects’ (V.I.P.) mission is to improve the quality of life of under-

represented and marginalized residents of California’s Central Valley, by promoting social and

environmental issues through youth outreach, education, technology, and art.  Our organization

values the rights to be free from environmental destruction and access to clean air, water, land,

and food for all, just as we believe that public policy should be shaped by the people it directly


            V.I.P. utilizes technology, social media and the arts to conduct outreach in our local

parks, churches, and community members’ households which has allowed us to recruit interested

youth and supporters.  We inform through the use of educational materials, workshops, and

discussions held in our local San Joaquin Valley neighborhoods, which are under-represented


            Your donation will be used for one or multiple ongoing activities that V.I.P. has

committed to, they include but are not limited to the following:

-Pay monthly rent for V.I.P.’s community center to hold bilingual workshops and educational trainings on environmental/social justice issues.

-Hold workshops and trainings on bike repair, the benefits of biking, local polluters and civic engagement.

-Attend meetings/protests/conferences/workshops in solidarity with organizations that share the values stated in our mission statement.

-Gain technical/expert support.

-Create and distribute educational materials concerning local environmental/social justice issues.

-Provide stipend to employ part-time advocates.

Valley Improvement Projects is a project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs, a

501 (c)(3) non-profit.  Please make checks payable to SEE/Valley Improvement Projects.  If you

Are donating by credit card, please note that Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs, or a

variation of SEE, will show up on your credit card statement.  Your donation is tax deductible

and greatly appreciated.






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One comment on “Your Donation Can Help V.I.P. Stay Open!

  1. Emiliano Mataka
    June 20, 2014

    VIP deserves YOUR support, they are the only voice in Modesto that consistently represents the people and makes sure all that exploit them are called on it. They are dedicated and show an amazing amount of solidarity with the community. It would be devastating if they are unable to keep the community center open, lets not let that happen. I donate $100, what about you?

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